How to Choose a New Home Roof

While building up a new home, the most crucial parts you need to concern more is a roof. You need to understand well how it works and use the right materials as what you need. If you need the information anything about the roof, you can go to the web how long does a roof last. There, you can find numbers of information which may help you to understand more about the home roof.

Choose the Right Materials

In the website of how long does a roof last, there are some materials you can choose for your home roof. The materials are:

Wooden Roof

As its name, the roof is made from wood with the additional natural materials like straw. Nowadays, you can rarely find this wooden roof in a modern city. If you want to build a traditional home living, this wooden roof is the best recommendation for you. It also creates a unique appearance.

If you want to use the wooden roof, you need to choose the teak wood. It can be last longer up to 20 years rather than the other wood materials. Thus, make sure you take the right wood types for your home roof.

Clay Roof

Clay roof can be classified into the traditional roof, too. They are made from bulks with modern technology production. Even it fits enough for a traditional home, you also can match it with the modern home design too.

If you choose this clay roof, you will get some benefits from it. First, it makes your home look more refreshing and will not thermal during the summer month. Second, the roof can’t be easy to leak. Third, the installation of this roof is easier and faster. The last one, it can ve survive up to 50 years.

Ceramic Roof

The ceramic roof is durable because it can last more than 50 years. Even the year and year passed by, the ceramic roof keeps shiny for a few decades. If you want to have long-lasting with the best performance and appearance, the ceramic roof will be the best answer for it.

Light Steel Roof

Are you looking for the roof which can survive for about 30 years? The light steel roof can be the best answer for it. If you choose the best-qualified materials, it can last up to 40 years. If the material is lack of quality, it just survives for 20 years only. Make sure, you take the qualified materials for this roof.

Fortunately, you can find this roof easily. This roof type is a popular roof in this modern era. If you want to get the sleek and smooth looks as the ceramic roof does, this roof is the best options for you. it is durable and more affordable for the price rather than the ceramic one.

When this roof needs to install in your roof, you will get easier to install it. It doesn’t take much time to cover up your roof with this material. It is strong enough and easy to install.

Bitumen Roof

Bitumen roof or also known as an asphalt roof. The material is made from the combination of pulp, organic fiber, asphalt; and other materials. The asphalt material is used as roof waterproof.

It is lighter than the other roof materials. It can survive for 30 to 40 years. The plus point of this roofing material is you can rarely the leakage happens. Thus, choose the best materials to get more long last product as what you want.

Rubber Roof

Well, you should know that this rubber roof is not functioned as the main roof as what the others do. It is used for the outer layer of the roof itself. It is to ensure that the roof is not leakage during the rainy days. For certain roof types, like wooden and clay, the application of this roof is more beneficial.

It is durable too like the other materials up to 30 to 50 years. If there is something happen in the roof and it damages the layer, you just put the layer off and replaced with the new one. The installation process of this roof is quite difficult, yet the cost is more affordable.

Those are the roof materials you can choose based on the web how long does a roof last.

Top 5 Best Reasons to Waterproof the Basement

The basement is a room below the ground floor which is used to save any odds and unused things in a home. Many homeowners have this room. Some of them are using it for a storage room and some of them are using it for another secret and private room in their house.

Unfortunately, only a few homeowners are waterproofing their basement as well. Besides, if you waterproof your basement, you will get more advantages from it. To ensure get the benefits of it, here are 5 best reasons why your basement should use waterproof:

Prevent Flooding

The NFIP or National Flood Insurance Program said that flood is the most destructive natural disaster in America. It claims over $3 billion every year. The basement is a crucial part of your house that can be flooded easily. However, basement builds below the ground floor. It is the easiest parts and the first part while the flood is coming into your house.

If you don’t use any waterproof in your basement, be ready to have an additional pool in your basement. Is that what you want? If you don’t want it so, you have to use the waterproof for your basement. It helps you so much to prevent flood come into your basement easily.

If you use the basement for an additional private room, waterproofing the basement is a must. You don’t want any water to come into your private room with many important things inside, do you?

Prevent Mildew and Mold

Even though your basement is not flooding, it still leaks from any simple rain or even snow. The leaks can possibly cause the moisture buildup of your house. Once the moisture buildup, it can lead to dangerous mildew and mold growths.

As you know, the growth of mildew and mold can make a huge effect on your health. It could possibly cause coughing, skin irritation, asthma, and aggravating allergies. You can prevent all of those by waterproofing the basement in the right way.

Prevent Cracks

When there is moisture gets trapped in the certain small porous surface on the basement foundation, it is dangerous to your basement. Why? When the temperatures fall and rise, it can expand and contract to it. It is leading to cracks of the basement foundation. It can be very dangerous to the overall structural integrity of your own house.

By fixing the leaks and waterproofing your basement, it will help you to minimize the crack on your basement foundation in the right way. It prevents you to take out the costly foundation repairs, too.

Reduce Energy Costs

If there is a crack in your basement, it will force you to use extra energy to warm up or cool down your entire house. Is that a problem? Yes, of course. When the summer months, your basement will feel so warm and wet because of the crack. It makes the cooler should work extra to cool down your entire house especially the ground level.

The same energy as the winter month, it takes a lot of energy to heat up your room while your basement goes cool down itself. By waterproofing your basement, it helps you a lot to reduce the heater or cooler energy costs in more effective ways.

Increase Value

Once you have waterproofed your basement, the value of your house will increase too. Your investment to make the basement feel like the other rooms on the ground level is the great choices. Don’t worry! Your investment in the basement will return for itself. You can offer a higher price if you want to sell your house with the waterproofed basement.

Those are the 5 best reasons why you need to waterproof your basement. Once you take this advice in advance, you will be able to use the additional room for anything you want. If you need a more private and secret place, the basement will be the best options for it.

Perhaps, if you would like to use for another room like a bedroom, a playroom for children, and many more options to make the basement feel much alive. Just consider more this advice whether you want to apply the waterproof or not. Make sure you make the right choices for your own house especially for the basement room.

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